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Cale Theis

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Cale Theis, Port Washington

By nb, 05/19/20, 12:00PM CDT


Congratulations to Cale Theis for being selected as our North Shore Conference Spotlight Athlete of the Month.  Had there been a Spring Season, we would have had the opportunity to see Cale and his Boy’s Tennis doubles partner make a competitive run in the WIAA tournament series.  Cale’s aggressive, fast paced nature on the court coupled with his fun loving spirit is why it is so enjoyable to see Cale compete.  If you thought Cale is a 1 trick pony, you would be sadly mistaken.  Cale is also a highly successful Soccer Goalie and Dive athlete.  Not only is he a top caliber Northshore conference athlete, but he has also received All-State accolades by being selected as an All-State Goalie and an Honorable Mention All-State Diver.  Within the last 10 years, no other athlete at Port Washington High School has secured All-State recognition in 2 different sports.  Congratulations to Cale on an outstanding High School career and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Cale Theis

Port Washington High School


Sports that you participate In:
Soccer, Diving, Tennis and Golf

Other school clubs/activities:
Between school and sports there were not enough hours in a day for me to participate in anything else.

Favorite sports memory:
Getting awarded the all state award for goalie

What is your favorite class:
Woods because I like working with my hands and creating things.

Favorite professional team:
The Chicago Bears

Favorite professional athlete:
Greg Louganis

College or post-high school plans:
Working in the trades. Haven’t narrowed it down farther than that yet at this time.

What is your dream job:
General contractor because I like seeing the process go from having a piece of land to having a beautiful new home .