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Glue Guy Feature

Maddox Durst

Maddox Durst

Glue Guy - The one who does the little (often unnoticed) things that help a team succeed

I’m here to feature glue guys and girls from every sports team in the North Shore Conference. These feature articles will showcase the athletes whose efforts tend to be overlooked, but are major factors in their team’s success.


Ben Wilkin

In my first feature article, I was lucky enough to sit down and talk to Grafton’s head Boys Basketball coach, Damon James. Enjoy!

- reported by Maddox Durst


What is the name of your Glue Guy?

“Ben Wilkin”

How does your Glue Guy help your team succeed? What little things does he do?

“Ben does all the dirty work that doesn't get in the stat book. He guards bigger players, gets on the floor for loose balls, is communicating on the floor.”

What is their personality like?

“Off the court, quiet and reserved.”

How does he bring this team together?

“He has excelled in his role, knowing that what he does helps to give our program chances to win.”


Ben Wilkin is a 6’1 senior, #34, utility player, and a second year starter for the Grafton Blackhawks. So next time you are at a Grafton Varsity Basketball game, make sure to check out all of the small things Ben Wilkin will do for the Blackhawks. You can catch the Blackhawks live on Friday, December 7th when they play against Homestead at Grafton High School. I want to give a big thank you to Grafton Varsity Basketball Coach, Damon James, for allowing an interview about the Grafton Boys Basketball Glue Guy.